Tor Onion v3 Hidden Service for IRC

The Tor Project has announced a deprecation and removal for version 2 of their hidden service protocol. This will impact Tor connections to DarkScience IRC over our onion v2 address.

DarkScience IRC is now available over our new V3 hidden service address:


Please reconfigure your IRC clients to use our new V3 address.

Tor v2 Deprecation Timeline

DarkScience will operate a series of scheduled brownouts leading up to the removal of our onion v2 address to help users identify clients and connections which need to be updated.

During this time we will drop connections over our v2 onion address and return an error urging users to upgrade to our onion v3 address.

We will issue brownouts in the following schedules:

October 15th 2021

The Tor project will release new stable versions of Tor which drop support for Tor v2.

On this date, DarkScience will no longer accept IRC connections over our Tor v2 address.