Frequently asked questions

User Registration

Q: Can I register my nickname?

Yes, if you choose you can register your nickname with NickServ.

Q: Can I use a client side SSL certificate?

Yes, please take a look here.

Q: Can I register a channel?

Yes, you can register a channel with ChanServ.

Using the network

Q: Is there a official DarkScience channel?

Yes, it is located at #darkscience.

Q: Are there any rules for Dark Science?

Yes, the rules are available on our rules page.

Q: Is there a list of usermodes or channel modes?

See User Modes and Channel Modes.

Q: What makes this IRC network different from other IRC network?

Two main differences are that we require SSL on every connection, and we give host cloaks to each client.

You may also ask for a custom virtual hostname in our #support channel.

Q: Do you support tor connections?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: DarkScience in the past restricted tor connections because they could be used for spam. But in light of recent privacy concerns, and also because there just aren't too many IRC networks that allow tor (most of the public IRC networks K-Line tor exit nodes), as of November 30, 2011, tor connections have been allowed globally on our servers, and we hope to be a better IRC network by assuring our users an option for privacy, if they so choose, to use tor.

We prefer people to connect to our hidden service URL: darksci3bfoka7tw.onion

DarkScience tor hidden services urls: