IRC Rules

IRCd/Services Rules. In the end your punishment will differ depending on the Oper taking action against you, and how severe the act you comitted was.

All Opers will discuss your punishment after it has happened to make sure that it was a fair punishment and to prevent power abusing.

  1. No flooding/Spam/trolling This includes; CTCP/Channel/Query/DCC

  2. No Advertising; Advertising is defined as "Intentional promotion of a resource." This doesn't mean that your not allowed to post websites period, It just means that your posting them to help a user, rather than trying to force a user to go to it. Like posting a link to another IRC Network for example.

  3. No ban evasion; Ban evasion is classified as anything that you as a user do to get around a channel or server ban. Channel OP's have the right to ban you for no reason if they want to. Its their channel, so let them do what they want. DO NOT join a main channel and ask for assistance because someone has banned you from a channel. You will recieve NO help. Evading the ban set either by removing your vHost, changing names, proxying, or something else. Will get you a punishment.

  4. Respect our irc operators; they're doing a job and will help. they're not being paid for this.

  5. All bots must set the usermode +B; this is so other bots can safely ignore eachother.

  6. Do not affect the service quality for other users.; Simply put, do not incite service unavailability. this includes bringing users to darkscience which have a tendency to bring distributed denial of service attacks against random people.

  7. Opers may not interfere with user channels; If the rules above are not infringed, channel operators are responsible for the content and moderation of their own channels. An Oper may not ban users or moderate your channel otherwise.

The #darkscience lobby channel has additional rules on top of the above.