#darkscience rules

Generally we feel this should not be required, simply conduct yourself in a matter fitting of a decent human being in society and channel staff will almost never have an issue with you, however, for those who do not know where to draw the line, we have written a few channel rules below.

These rules only applies to #darkscience other channels on the network do not follow these rules, nor will breaking any of these rules get you banned from the network. Please remember that there is a clear separation of "network" vs "channel" rules and violation of one does not mean violation of the other. See network rules for network wide rules.

  1. Speak English - #darkscience is an English speaking community, of course this will not be strictly enforced if you are learning another language and asking questions about the things you are saying in English, but it also covers speaking US or UK English with appropriate spelling. No intentional corruptions will be permitted, it makes discussion harder and for the sake of those non-native speakers, it would be easier to engage in discourse.

  2. No overly repetitive messages, or long sequence of messages with no response - Don't monologue, it's not good for super villains, it's not good for you

  3. No Pasting of logs/code/text - IRC can be good for copy and paste, but not if it's many lines, plus, it swamps the channel.. we have better tools for this, s.drk.sc for example

  4. No NSFW links/comments - This channel should be browsable from work, it's also, y'know, a network lobby. Keep it fairly clean, anything which you think is 'borderline' would be fine if tagged as NSFW. (no linking to stories of fanfic erotica, porn or anything that could be called "grossly indecent")